Key Features of the Device Protect People Against COVID-19 Virus

  • Since it automatically opens and closes oxygen treatment for hours, staff do not need to turn off the device to rest the patient. They can follow many more patients these days when hospitals will work heavily. They can protect themselves because they are incontact with infected patients.
  • The patient's breath temperature is measured instantally with the nose saddle plug-in that works depending on the device. Since the patient's temperature is measured with a disposable sensor, the speed of the disease is monitored and kept under control.
  • The Device is IoT-based. With its WiFi module and graphics interfaces, all the data and situations produced by the device are able to be tracked online. The patient's breathing heat data can be monitored remotely with two separate graphics, which mode the device is in, how many minutes remain during the wait or working period.

IOT Oxygen Flowmeter

Oxygen flowmeter is a medical device for oxygen inhalation of first-aid and hypoxic patients in the hospital and is mainly used to regulate the flow of oxygen, oxygen humidification. It is mainly used in medical centre gas supply systems, emergency rooms, patient rooms, and the ambulance. The role of the oxygen flowmeter is to provide continuous constant pressure and flow of oxygen for the patient to use.

Product Offering

Model Description
Flowmeter Controlling Device The I-Ten:Consisting of solenoid valve and Wi-Fi module, after setting the timing for gas flow, the nurses can observe the data with graphical user interface on the Internet Site.
Nasal Gadget--used for temperature sensor und halt cannula Consisting of a temperature sensor to measure of patients breathing temperature. Nurses can observe the data with graphical user interface on the Internet.
Controlling Device with Flowmeter – used both of Devices pre-assembled, ready to Use This model of the device is ready to use. In hospitals, nurses can plug-in the device directly to the terminal unit of oxygen on Bed Head Units or at the cylinder house.

Defining Features

The use of this device is easy. Estare Techs products are connected directly to hospital Wi-Fi routers, eliminating the need for additional expensive hardware. It is simple enough to mount to oxygen flowmeter that users can set up their devices themselves. While the device is working, the data like countdown minute and the number of repetitions can be seen by the graphical interface.

  • IoT
  • Sensor
  • Easy Use
  • Medical Care
  • Graphics
  • Protect

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